Pennine Socks

Pennine socks are made from fine quality wool yarns which are sourced from the best spinners in the world. Wool is the ideal choice for a material worn next to the skin: it retains warmth without leading to overheating, its breathability cools feet before they become hot, and it naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping feet dry. Cotton shares none of these properties.

Their yarns are mainly spun in Italy, a renowned centre of spinning expertise. They use three kinds of wool: Pennine premium, a hard-wearing and dependable yarn which balances softness with great durability; Pennine extra fine merino, which has finer fibres and a lower micron count, making it beautifully soft; and Pennine cashmere, which has a fluffy, luxurious feel.

Because the heel and toe of a sock are the parts that suffer the greatest wear, the wool is reinforced here with fine, strong nylon fibres. The result is a supremely soft yet durable sock. Perfect for anyone's feet!